Animals Starting From A: 100+ Words Listed

Updated: March 6, 2023


Animals Starting From A Animals Starting With A
Animals Starting From A

Welcome to our article on animals starting from A! In this section, we will be exploring the wonderful world of animals that begin with the letter A. From the African savannas to the depths of the ocean, there are a variety of fascinating creatures that preschoolers can discover and learn about the animals starting with A.

Learning about animals starting from A is not only fun but also important for young children’s cognitive and emotional development. It teaches them about the diversity of life on our planet and fosters a sense of empathy and respect for all living beings.

Throughout this article, we will introduce you to some of the most interesting animals that start with the letter A. Some of these animals starting from A might be familiar to you, while others may be new and unfamiliar. From aardvarks to alligators, antelopes to armadillos, we will explore the unique characteristics and behaviors of each animal.

Whether your little ones are animal enthusiasts or just beginning to develop an interest in the natural world, we hope that this article will spark their curiosity and inspire them to learn more about the amazing creatures that inhabit our planet. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of animals starting from A!

List of Animals starting from A:

  1. Aardvark
  2. Aardwolf
  3. Abalone
  4. Abyssinian cat
  5. Acorn barnacle
  6. Addax
  7. African buffalo
  8. African elephant
  9. African wild dog
  10. Agama lizard
  11. Agouti
  12. Airedale Terrier
  13. Akbash dog
  14. Akita
  15. Alaskan Malamute
  16. Albatross
  17. Aldabra giant tortoise
  18. Alligator
  19. Alpaca
  20. Alpine ibex
  21. American alligator
  22. American black bear
  23. American bulldog
  24. American cocker spaniel
  25. American coot
  26. American Eskimo dog
  27. American foxhound
  28. American golden plover
  29. American kestrel
  30. American pit bull terrier
  31. American robin
  32. Amur leopard
  33. Anaconda
  34. Anemone
  35. Angelfish
  36. Anglerfish
  37. Anhinga
  38. Anole
  39. Ant
  40. Anteater
  41. Antelope
  42. Apatosaurus
  43. Apache trout
  44. Appaloosa
  45. Arabian horse
  46. Arctic fox
  47. Arctic hare
  48. Arctic tern
  49. Armadillo
  50. Asian elephant
  51. Asian giant hornet
  52. Asian palm civet
  53. Asian paradise flycatcher
  54. Asp
  55. Australian cattle dog
  56. Australian shepherd
  57. Australian terrier
  58. Avocet
  59. Axolotl
  60. Aye-aye
  61. Aztec ant
  62. Axolotl
  63. African penguin
  64. African grey parrot
  65. Agama
  66. Air sac catfish
  67. Albatross
  68. American badger
  69. American crow
  70. American flamingo
  71. American marten
  72. American red squirrel
  73. American shorthair
  74. Amethystine python
  75. Anemone crab
  76. Angora rabbit
  77. Anole lizard
  78. Anthias
  79. Antlion
  80. Apatani
  81. Appalachian salamander
  82. Apple snail
  83. Arabian oryx
  84. Arctic char
  85. Arctic cod
  86. Arctic tern
  87. Armored ground cricket
  88. Arrow crab
  89. Asian arowana
  90. Asian black bear
  91. Asian forest scorpion
  92. Asian golden cat
  93. Asiatic black bear
  94. Atlantic blue marlin
  95. Atlantic ghost crab
  96. Atlantic puffin
  97. Atlantic sailfish
  98. Atlantic sharpnose shark
  99. Atlantic spadefish
  100. Atlantic sturgeon

These animals come from different habitats and have unique physical and behavioral characteristics that make them interesting to learn about. We hope this list has provided some inspiration for preschoolers to explore the amazing world of animals starting with the letter A!
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