Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets – Trace Them All Easily

Updated: May 10, 2023


Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets
number tracing worksheets 1 20
Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets

In their early years of education, children need to learn how to write numbers. Children can be helped by tracing worksheets to learn the right formation and stroke order for each number. In this post, we offer a thorough collection of numbers 1-20 tracing worksheets, all of which are intended to make learning an enjoyable and interesting exercise for young children. Children may have fun while honing their handwriting abilities with our simple-to-use number tracing worksheets 1 20. So let’s get going and trace them all quickly!

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What are Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets?

Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets are printable pages that feature numbers 1 through 20 in large, dotted font. Children can use a pencil or crayon to trace over the dotted lines and practice writing the numbers. These worksheets can be found online and printed for free, making them an accessible and affordable tool for parents and teachers.

Why use Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets?

There are several reasons why Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets can be a helpful resource for children learning to write numbers:

Develop fine motor skills

Tracing the numbers requires children to use their fine motor skills, which involve the small muscles in their hands and fingers. By practicing tracing, children can develop these skills and improve their ability to hold a pencil or crayon and control its movement.

Build number recognition

Tracing the numbers repeatedly can also help children recognize the shape of each number and associate it with its corresponding value. This can lay a foundation for future math skills and make it easier for children to identify numbers when they encounter them in other contexts.

Practice writing skills

Finally, tracing the numbers can help children develop their writing skills by giving them a chance to practice the motions required to write each number correctly. With practice, children can gain confidence in their ability to write numbers and feel more comfortable with the writing process overall.

How to use Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets

To get started with Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets, all you need is a printer and some writing utensils. Here’s how to use them effectively:

Choose a worksheet

Find a Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheet that suits your child’s skill level and interests. You can choose from a variety of designs and formats, including worksheets with pictures or color-coding to make the numbers more engaging.

Once you’ve chosen a worksheet, print it out on standard printer paper. You can print as many copies as you need, depending on how often your child wants to practice.

Get started tracing

Give your child a pencil or crayon and have them start tracing over the dotted lines. Encourage them to take their time and make sure they’re following the lines as closely as possible.

Practice regularly

To see the most improvement, it’s important to practice regularly. Set aside a few minutes each day for your child to work on tracing the numbers, and try to make it a fun and engaging activity.

Tips for using Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets

To get the most out of Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets, keep these tips in mind:

Start with the basics

If your child is just starting to learn numbers, start with the basics. Have them practice tracing numbers 1-5 first before moving on to more complex numbers.

Mix it up

To keep things interesting, mix up the worksheets you use. Try using different designs or formats, or incorporating colors or pictures into the tracing process.

Be patient

Learning to write numbers takes time and practice, so be patient with your child. Encourage them to keep trying and celebrate their progress along the way.


Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets can be a valuable tool for children learning to write numbers. By practicing tracing

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