Things Starting From D: Enter The D-World

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Things Starting From D words starting from D
Things Starting From D

Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of objects and things starting from D? From everyday items to unique discoveries, this article will take you on a journey through a variety of words starting from D. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of things starting from “D”!


The letter “D” brings to mind a plethora of possibilities. From practical tools to delightful treasures, the objects that start with this letter encompass a wide range of categories. Let’s discover some of the most intriguing and useful “D” objects out there.

Diving into “D” Objects

Before we delve into specific categories, it’s worth mentioning that the letter “D” opens up a world of diversity. You’ll encounter objects that span various fields, such as household items, electronics, furniture, and more. So, let’s begin our exploration and see what “D” has in store for us!

Objects That Start With D

  1. Diamond: A precious gemstone known for its brilliance, hardness, and rarity, often used in jewelry.
  2. Dress: A garment worn by women, typically with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt, available in various styles for different occasions.
  3. Dagger: A short, sharp-bladed weapon used for stabbing or thrusting in close combat.
  4. Drill: A power tool used for drilling holes or driving screws by rotating a drill bit.
  5. Dish: A shallow, flat container used for serving or cooking food.
  6. Door: A movable barrier used to close off an entrance to a building or room.
  7. Desk: A piece of furniture with a flat surface and often drawers, used for working or studying.
  8. Drum: A percussion instrument consisting of a cylindrical shell with a stretched membrane (drumhead) that is struck with hands or drumsticks.
  9. Doll: A small toy representation of a human, often resembling a baby, child, or adult.
  10. Dartboard: A circular board with numbered sections, used as a target for throwing darts.
  11. Dice: Small objects with markings on each side used in various games of chance or strategy.
  12. Dryer: An appliance used for drying clothes by blowing hot air over them.
  13. Dumbbell: A handheld weight used for strength training and exercise.
  14. Dog: A domesticated carnivorous mammal, often kept as a pet or used for various purposes, such as herding or hunting.
  15. Diary: A book or journal in which one can record personal thoughts, experiences, or daily events.
  16. Duffle bag: A large, cylindrical bag made of cloth with a drawstring closure, often used for carrying clothing or personal belongings during travel.
  17. Desktop computer: A personal computer designed to be used at a desk. It is typically consisting of a tower unit and a monitor.
  18. DVD player: A device that plays digital versatile discs (DVDs). It is used for watching movies or playing multimedia content.
  19. Dock: A platform or structure extending from the shore into a body of water. It is used for mooring boats or loading/unloading cargo.
  20. Document: A written or printed piece of information or evidence.
  21. Duvet: A soft, quilt-like bedding cover filled with feathers, down, or synthetic fibers.
  22. Dishwasher: An appliance used for automatically washing dishes.
  23. Drawer: A sliding storage compartment in furniture, such as a desk or dresser.
  24. Drum set: A collection of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments played by a single person.
  25. Diving mask: A mask worn by divers to allow them to see clearly underwater.
  26. Dive watch: A waterproof wristwatch designed for underwater diving, often featuring a rotating bezel and luminous markers.
  27. Dandelion: A yellow-flowered plant with fluffy seed heads that disperse in the wind.
  28. Decorations: Items used to enhance the appearance or festive atmosphere of a space or event.
  29. Dried fruit: Fruit that has been dried to remove its water content, resulting in a longer shelf life.
  30. Dart: A small pointed missile with feathered ends, thrown by hand or shot from a blowgun.
  31. Deodorant: A product applied to the body to prevent or mask unpleasant odors, particularly in the armpits.
  32. Dome: A rounded vault or roof structure, often used to cover buildings or observatories.
  33. Duster: A cloth or tool used for removing dust from surfaces.
  34. Digital camera: A camera that captures and stores photographs in digital format.
  35. Doormat: A mat placed at the entrance of a building to clean or wipe shoes.
  36. Dental floss: A thin thread used for cleaning between teeth and along the gumline.
  37. Dictionary: A reference book containing words and their meanings, often arranged alphabetically.
  38. Dummy: An imitation or replica used as a substitute or training aid.
  39. Drawing: A visual representation or artwork created using lines, shapes, or colors.
  40. Drumstick: A stick used to strike a drum or percussion instrument.
  41. Digital clock: A clock that displays the time numerically using digits or a digital display.
  42. Dolly: A small platform on wheels used for moving heavy objects or equipment.
  43. Drinking glass: A vessel used for holding and drinking beverages.
  44. Display case: A transparent or glassed-in case used for displaying objects or collections.
  45. Dredger: A machine or vessel used for removing sediment or debris from the bottom of bodies of water.
  46. Donut: A sweet, ring-shaped pastry often topped with glaze or other sweet toppings.
  47. Dried herbs: Herbs that have been dried and preserved for culinary or medicinal use.
  48. Disco ball: A reflective sphere covered with small mirrors, used to create a shimmering effect in disco or dance parties.
  49. Dustpan: A flat scoop-shaped pan used for collecting dust and debris swept from the floor.
  50. Dummy camera: A non-functioning camera used as a deterrent or prop for surveillance purposes.

Sharp Objects That Start With D

  1. Darts: A popular game and competitive sport, darts involves throwing small pointed missiles at a circular target.
  2. Daggerfish: This unique fish species has a long, narrow body with sharp teeth, allowing it to catch its prey swiftly.
  3. Dagger: A short-bladed weapon with a sharp point used for stabbing or thrusting.
  4. Dart: A small pointed missile with feathered ends, thrown by hand or shot from a blowgun.
  5. Darts: A game and competitive sport in which small pointed missiles (darts) are thrown at a circular target.
  6. Drill bit: A sharp cutting tool attached to a drill used for creating holes in various materials.
  7. Darning needle: A long, thin needle with a sharp point used for repairing holes in fabric or knitting.
  8. Double-edged sword: A sword with a sharp blade on both sides, typically used in historical warfare.
  9. Double-pointed needle: A knitting needle with a sharp point at each end, used for knitting in the round or intricate stitch patterns.
  10. Dissection scalpel: A surgical instrument with a sharp, pointed blade used for cutting and dissecting tissues.
  11. Diamond cutter: A person or machine skilled in cutting diamonds to enhance their brilliance and shape.
  12. Deer antler: The pointed and branched outgrowth from the head of a deer, often shed and collected for various purposes.
  13. Diamond blade: A circular saw blade with embedded diamond particles, used for cutting hard materials like stone, tile, or concrete.
  14. Diamond drill bit: A specialized drill bit with diamond-impregnated tips, used for drilling through hard materials like glass, ceramics, or stones.
  15. Diamond file: A file with a surface coated in diamond grit, used for shaping and smoothing hard materials.
  16. Diamond knife: A surgical knife with a blade made of diamond, used in precise surgical procedures.
  17. Diamond saw: A saw with a blade coated in diamond particles, used for cutting hard materials like gemstones or granite.
  18. Diamond-tipped pen: A pen with a diamond-embedded tip, used for engraving or marking on hard surfaces.
  19. Damascus steel blade: A type of steel known for its strength and sharpness, often used in high-quality knives and swords.
  20. Diagonal pliers: Pliers with sharp, diagonal-cutting edges, used for cutting wires or small objects.
  21. Diamond awl: A pointed tool with a diamond tip, used for piercing or marking hard materials like leather or wood.
  22. Diamond honing stone: A sharpening stone with a diamond-coated surface, used for sharpening knives or other blades.

Furniture That Starts With D

  1. Desk: A piece of furniture with a flat surface and often drawers, used for working or studying.
  2. Dresser: A furniture piece with multiple drawers for storing clothes and other personal items.
  3. Dining table: A table specifically designed for dining and eating meals.
  4. Divan: A long, low sofa without a backrest or arms, typically placed against a wall.
  5. Daybed: A sofa-like seating furniture that can be used for sitting, lounging, or sleeping.
  6. Display cabinet: A cabinet with glass panels used for displaying decorative items, collectibles, or china.
  7. Dressing table: A table or vanity used primarily for grooming and applying makeup.
  8. Drawers: A set of sliding compartments used for storing clothes, accessories, or other items.
  9. Drop-leaf table: A table with hinged leaves that can be folded down when not in use to save space.
  10. Drum stool: A small, low stool used for sitting or as a percussionist’s seat.
  11. Drafting table: A specialized table used by architects or artists for drawing, drafting, or designing.
  12. Drop-front desk: A desk with a hinged front panel that drops down to create a writing surface.
  13. Deck chair: A folding chair commonly used on decks, patios, or outdoor spaces.
  14. Davenport: An upholstered sofa with a backrest that can be lowered to convert into a bed.
  15. Drum table: A circular table with a cylindrical shape resembling a drum, often used as a decorative piece.
  16. Drinks cabinet: A cabinet or storage unit specifically designed for storing and displaying beverages.
  17. Divider Magazine rack: A small piece of furniture or storage unit used for organizing and holding magazines.
  18. Display shelf: A shelf or shelving unit designed for showcasing or displaying items such as books, photos, or decorations.
  19. Drop-leaf desk: A desk with hinged leaves that can be folded down to create a compact workspace.
  20. Drafting stool: A stool with adjustable height and often a footrest, used by draftsmen or artists while working at a drafting table.
  21. Dressing mirror: A full-length mirror used for examining one’s appearance and dressing up.
  22. Decorative screen: A freestanding panel or divider used for privacy or as a decorative element in a room.
  23. Drum cabinet: A storage cabinet with a cylindrical shape, resembling a drum, used for keeping various items.
  24. Desk chair: A chair specifically designed for use at a desk or table.
  25. Door wardrobe: A large wardrobe or closet with hinged doors for storing clothes and accessories.

Clothing Names That Start With D

  1. Dress
  2. Denim jeans
  3. Down jacket
  4. Duster coat
  5. Dress shirt
  6. Denim skirt
  7. Dress slacks
  8. Denim jacket
  9. Dungarees
  10. Driving gloves
  11. Down vest
  12. Dressing gown
  13. Duffle coat
  14. Dashiki
  15. Drawstring pants
  16. Dirndl
  17. Denim shorts
  18. Dance leotard
  19. Dishdasha
  20. Derby hat
  21. Dolman sleeve top
  22. Duck boots
  23. Dance shoes
  24. Denim overalls
  25. Dress boots
  26. Dinner jacket
  27. Doublet
  28. Deck shoes
  29. Dance tights
  30. Dhoti
  31. Downhill ski suit
  32. Drop-crotch pants
  33. Driving cap
  34. Dickey
  35. Dressing apron
  36. Dashiki kaftan
  37. Dinner dress
  38. Dance tutu
  39. Daytime pajamas
  40. Divided skirt
  41. Dance leggings
  42. Dickey bow
  43. Dance unitard
  44. Dressing robe
  45. Driving moccasins
  46. Dance belt
  47. Dungaree dress
  48. Dressing socks
  49. Duffle bag coat
  50. Dance crop top

Electronics That Start With D

  1. Digital camera
  2. DVD player
  3. Drone
  4. Desktop computer
  5. Digital watch
  6. Digital thermometer
  7. Dashcam
  8. Dictaphone
  9. Digital photo frame
  10. Document scanner
  11. Data projector
  12. Digital scale
  13. DSLR camera
  14. DJ mixer
  15. DVD recorder
  16. Digital audio player
  17. Doppler radar
  18. Drum machine
  19. Digital piano
  20. Desktop printer
  21. Digital video recorder (DVR)
  22. Dictation machine
  23. Digital microscope
  24. Data storage device
  25. Depth finder
  26. Digital multimeter
  27. Digital notepad
  28. Dash-mounted GPS
  29. Digital fitness tracker
  30. Desktop speaker
  31. Digital oscilloscope
  32. Digital art tablet
  33. Digital voice recorder
  34. Digital satellite receiver
  35. Digital thermostat
  36. Digital compass
  37. Drum pad
  38. Digital projector
  39. Digital kitchen scale
  40. Digital television (DTV)
  41. Digital pressure gauge
  42. Digital video camera
  43. Digital mixing console
  44. Drone camera
  45. DVD writer
  46. Digital blood pressure monitor
  47. Desktop scanner
  48. Digital media player
  49. Digital sound mixer
  50. Digital video baby monitor

Household Items That Start With D

  1. Dish rack
  2. Dinnerware
  3. Dustpan
  4. Drying rack
  5. Dish towel
  6. Door mat
  7. Dish soap
  8. Dustbin
  9. Dust cloth
  10. Duvet cover
  11. Drawer organizer
  12. Doorbell
  13. Drain cleaner
  14. Drink coaster
  15. Dish brush
  16. Duster
  17. Drain stopper
  18. Dusting spray
  19. Digital scale
  20. Door handle
  21. Desk lamp
  22. Dish drainer
  23. Diffuser
  24. Dutch oven
  25. Dining table
  26. Dust mask
  27. Disposable gloves
  28. Decorative pillows
  29. Door hinge
  30. Dusting brush
  31. Door stopper
  32. Dresser drawer
  33. Door lock
  34. Dish drying mat
  35. Door sign
  36. Drawer liner
  37. Dehumidifier
  38. Diaper pail
  39. Desk organizer
  40. Dust mop
  41. Door viewer
  42. Dust buster
  43. Drawer pulls
  44. Dish rack tray
  45. Drawer dividers
  46. Digital timer
  47. Dining chair
  48. Door knocker
  49. Decorative vase
  50. Dusting mitt

Words That Start With D

  1. Dog
  2. Day
  3. Dance
  4. Dream
  5. Door
  6. Dark
  7. Diamond
  8. Dollar
  9. Doctor
  10. Drive
  11. Data
  12. Dinner
  13. Drink
  14. Drum
  15. Desk
  16. Duck
  17. Design
  18. Danger
  19. Delicious
  20. Double
  21. Drama
  22. Deep
  23. Dictionary
  24. December
  25. Diamond
  26. Dress
  27. Dinosaur
  28. Dust
  29. Divorce
  30. Delight
  31. Desktop
  32. Director
  33. Dormitory
  34. Dusk
  35. Distance
  36. Dome
  37. Doodle
  38. Donation
  39. Disagree
  40. Dandelion
  41. Dolphin
  42. Diagnosis
  43. Donation
  44. Dizzy
  45. Discovery
  46. Dragon
  47. Dormant
  48. Display
  49. Drumstick
  50. Diverse

D Objects for Preschool Children

  1. Dice: Introduce children to basic counting and probability with dice, a small cube with numbers on each face.
  2. Dinosaur: Spark the imagination of young minds with dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.
  3. Duck: A waterfowl bird with webbed feet and a quacking sound.
  4. Doll: A toy representing a human figure, often used for imaginative play.
  5. Drum: A musical instrument that is played by striking it with hands or sticks.
  6. Dinosaur: A prehistoric reptile that lived millions of years ago.
  7. Dog: A domesticated four-legged animal often kept as a pet.
  8. Donut: A sweet, ring-shaped pastry.
  9. Dice: Small cubes with numbers on each face used for games or counting.
  10. Dolphin: A marine mammal known for its intelligence and playful nature.
  11. Dandelion: A yellow-flowered weed with fluffy seeds.
  12. Dress: A garment worn by girls or women that covers the body and hangs down.
  13. Door: A movable barrier used to close off an entrance or exit.
  14. Digger: A construction vehicle with a large scoop used for digging.
  15. Duster: A tool or cloth used for dusting or cleaning surfaces.
  16. Dairy: A place where milk and other dairy products are produced or sold.
  17. Dragonfly: An insect with a long body and transparent wings.
  18. Dump truck: A vehicle with a large open bed for transporting loose materials.
  19. Drawing: A picture or design created using lines, shapes, or colors.
  20. Doctor’s kit: A toy set containing medical tools for pretend play.
  21. Dough: A mixture of flour, water, and other ingredients used for baking.
  22. Dominoes: Small rectangular tiles with dots on each end used for playing games.

Things from Europe That Start With D

  1. Dutch tulips: Known for their vibrant colors and beauty, Dutch tulips are a popular floral symbol associated with the Netherlands.
  2. Dubrovnik: Explore the historical city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, known for its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage.
  3. Denmark: A country located in Northern Europe known for its beautiful landscapes and rich Viking history.
  4. Dublin: The capital city of Ireland, famous for its vibrant nightlife, historic landmarks, and friendly atmosphere.
  5. Dutch tulips: Iconic flowers from the Netherlands, known for their vibrant colors and often associated with Dutch culture.
  6. Danube River: Europe’s second-longest river, flowing through multiple countries including Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania.
  7. Douro Valley: A picturesque wine region located in Portugal, known for its vineyards and stunning terraced landscapes.
  8. Dalmatian coast: The stunning coastline of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea, famous for its beautiful beaches and historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split.
  9. Dachstein Mountains: A mountain range in the Austrian Alps, known for its impressive peaks and stunning natural scenery.
  10. Douro River: A major river flowing through Portugal and Spain, renowned for its scenic beauty and role in the production of Port wine.
  11. Dubrovnik: A historic city in Croatia, known for its well-preserved medieval walls, charming old town, and stunning coastal views.
  12. Dolomites: A mountain range located in northeastern Italy, renowned for its unique rock formations, scenic beauty, and opportunities for outdoor activities.
  13. Delphi: An ancient archaeological site in Greece, famous for its oracle and temple dedicated to the Greek god Apollo.
  14. Diocletian’s Palace: A well-preserved Roman palace located in Split, Croatia, now serving as a living part of the city’s historic center.
  15. Dingle Peninsula: A picturesque peninsula located in County Kerry, Ireland, offering stunning coastal views, charming villages, and ancient ruins.
  16. Danish pastries: Delicious and flaky pastries originating from Denmark, often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.
  17. Douro wine: A renowned type of wine produced in the Douro Valley of Portugal, known for its rich flavors and high quality.


From dazzling diamonds to delightful dresses, “D” objects offer a diverse and captivating world. This article has only scratched the surface of what you can discover. So, embrace the curiosity and continue exploring the realm of objects starting with “D.” If the words from d have been learnt , you can move to the next letter, E and browse the words, items and things starting from E.


  1. Q: Are there any dangerous “D” objects I should be aware of?
    A: While many “D” objects are harmless, some can be dangerous if mishandled, such as daggers and sharp tools. Always prioritize safety and handle such objects with caution.
  2. Q: What are some other common words starting with “D”?
    A: Besides objects, there are countless other words starting with “D” like “dog,” “delicious,” “dream,” “door,” and “dollar.” The English language offers a wide array of vocabulary choices.
  3. Q: Can you suggest some educational toys starting with “D” for preschoolers?
    A: Certainly! Along with dice and dinosaurs, you can consider toys like dominos, dolls, and drawing boards, which provide learning opportunities while being engaging and fun.
  4. Q: Are there any iconic European landmarks starting with “D”?
    A: While not all European landmarks start with “D,” you can explore famous sites like the Duomo in Florence, Italy, or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.
  5. Q: Where can I find more “D” objects and their descriptions?
    A: Physical resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias can provide extensive lists and descriptions of objects starting with “D.” Additionally, exploring relevant books or visiting museums can be enriching experiences.

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